About Me

Hi. Hey.

I guess this is where I talk about myself.

Mama. PNW bred. Blogger. Runner. Outdoor enthusiast. Peanut butter lover. Recovering party girl turned closet carpool/pinterest/soccer mom. Coffee addict. Hippy heart, gypsy soul. Sometimes a sarcastic asshole.

I’m pretty weird, and I have two pretty rad kids who are equally as weird- but a little bit cooler- than me. Together we just have a lot of ‘Shake It Off’ dance parties in my kitchen, figure life out and sometimes it’s funny and sometimes it’s not so funny but mostly we just have a great time and do a lot of cool stuff that I figured I would want to document. Also, I go on lots of dates and I have an opinion about 99.9% of things and tend to overanalyze everything. My kids aren’t even smart enough to know what the internet is yet despite having been able to hack into my iPhone since before they could talk… so anyway, I have to talk to someone and that’s ultimately what I’m doing here. Talking to myself.