2017; onward and upward


We had such a good year. Of course, we had our fair share of bumps along the way but I am proud to say that as a family we really proved our strength this year.

Tristan started off the year getting his 2nd year of snowboarding in, played A-Ball (coach pitch) and turned 7 in the Spring. He played his first year of tackle football and we got to see his confidence (and muscles, he says) really build there. He continues to be extremely picky about his expensive taste in clothes and has recently discovered hair gel. No broken bones or hospital trips this year and girls are still gross. Also, when does puberty start in boys? Asking for a friend.

Ryan had an amazing year. He started it off pretty rough and I was at my wits end with the daily communication from teachers, meetings and trips to get him from school, etc. We developed an IEP, got him into a few counseling sessions and a special education preschool. But then he became a big brother again (x2!) and turned 6 and he walked into Kindergarten owning It like a boss. I kept asking the teacher why he hadn’t called me and he insists Ryan is great. He continues to draw on my walls, create random but heartfelt art, and be the sweet and sassy smart ass we all love. He wants to play baseball, do jiu jitsu with his Dad, and flag football next year.

As a family, we travelled to Oregon to see our entire Jory family, got to visit with my Grandparents, and spend lots more time with Grandma this year. Had a brief Clint sighting and it was nice to know he’s still alive.

ICYMI 😂 I had a baby. I succumbed to the stereotypical soccer Mom minivan and I fill those seats regularly. I must admit I love the chaos of a million kids running around.  Speaking of, I ended my baby making days after B was born and got my tubes tied. I took a year off from dating and it has done me wonders. I spent my time cultivating new friendships and strengthening old ones, reading a lot of self help books, and focusing on motherhood. I went back to work in October at a new job that I love and am happy at. I have a few things in the works for my career in 2018 and am excited to see where I end up next year. I continue to be the same old me- blogging and swearing on the internet, drinking my Mimosas and hope to get back into running.

Blake joined our family in July and he could not be a better addition. He fills our home with a love I had forgotten was possible. He laughs and talks a lot, loves the boob and his big brothers and we think he will start crawling and getting his first two teeth and day now. B went to his first concert (ZBB at the Gorge) and on a few hikes with Mommy and looks forward to more adventures next year. He continues to be the King of the Castle♥️