3/4 cup o’ sugar + 2 large eggs + 1/2 cup of butter…

Have you ever been approached by a small child who asks you somewhat rude and invasive questions because he doesn’t know any better, because… well he’s a small child. My kid is that kid. “Are you an elf?” …No… “Why are your ears sticking out then?”

He’s 5 so nobody really gets that mad. You ignore him and I quickly tell him to shut up and get him the hell away from you as fast as possible.

Today Ryan and I are walking to a few doctors appointments, one being my “baby appointment”… Despite having already gone through the whole new baby thing with his Dad just less than a year ago, he’s still very excited and asks me every question under the sun. Things like “is the baby going to come out today?” (Every.single.morning.) and “how does the baby come out” “are you going to get married” … Etc.

Today he asks me again just exactly how the baby got in my tummy. I said to him “Remember? Just like how (baby brother from Dad) was made… It’s kind of like making cookies. A bunch of ingredients get put together and then they go into the oven and cook for awhile. My tummy is the oven right now until the baby is ready to come out.” So of course, being the child that he is… So nosey and inquisitive… He asks me “What KIND of ingredients?” Lord help me.

I sigh because the question annoys me and we’re walking at an incline now so I need to catch my breath. I thought for a minute how I was going to go the next 6 1/2 months avoiding this question with him. I told him, “Well buddy, it’s not really relevant to your life right now, so you don’t need to know.” The thought of the uknown intrigued him far more than the reality of the answer would have, and although I realized this, I still felt like he was just too young to explain this to. He begged me to tell him anyway “Please, I really really want to know.” and so I finally told him without a high pitch in my voice (which is 100 percent indicator that I’m done answering questions and this is my final answer):

“When it becomes relevant to your life, I promise I will tell you. But for now, it’s just not something you need to know”

… He seemed to take this for a final answer and he had found a new walking stick anyway so he soon forgot about it.