Social Media; does it spark joy?

There's been lots of studies about social media and what it does to us. That's not exactly what I'm here to talk about. It's extremely hard to avoid social media. It's our news and weather updates, forums for our children's schools, a great community resource, etc, etc. I'm hear to talk about HOW to exist [...]


Single Mom Survival Guide; Valentine’s Edition

Youuu guys. I love LOVE. I know this is a weird thing for me to say because I'm very open about my disdain for the male species. I won't even get into that. Sure, dating is awful. There's a lot of assholes out there and finding a good one is like shopping at Ross. But, [...]

How to keep your sanity; Snowboarding with kids Part TWO

I'm gonna break the bad news first, and then the good news. Bad news. Snowboarding with kids is a shit show. You might cry. You will sweat. You will wonder why you thought this was a good idea. You will want to give up. You might even want to trade in your kids. It's a [...]

Wit & Wisdom; on snowboarding with kids PART 1

Ask & you shall receive! I've been taking my kids snowboarding for the past three years, and just recently took my youngest, at 18 months old on his first snowboard trip... so, needless to say I get asked a bunch of questions all the time for insider tips and tricks. So here it is! Things [...]